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MiPulse is a revolutionary software solution which connects doctors and patients through mobile devices.

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Feature 1

Mipulse is intuitive and matches your symptoms with the right medical practitioner. This ensures you are consulted correctly from the onset.


Feature 2

The app's platform allows you to communicate via Text, Video call. The video call feature can be enabled to have a conference call with up to four individuals.


Feature 3

MiPulse is encrypted with 3 step authentication, ensuring the privacy of account holders digital medical records


Feature 4

The main account holder can create a family account and conveniently link all payments to a single card.

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Founded in June 2021 with a view and vision to bring telemedicine to the fore, improving the accountability and accessibility of healthcare providers. MiPulse's enables patients to find doctors of every speciality in the palm of their hands and in the comfort of their homes.

MiPulse’s mission is to integrate the provision of health care for, local, regional and international medical specialists. The provision of a medical platform that takes away the anxiety long waits, instead you’re being consulted and treated in real-time.

MiPulse will be bridging the gap between medical professionals, healthcare givers, pharmacies, hospitals, private clinics and laboratories. This can be achieved, by providing a secure digital medical environment, through which collaborations and consultations will be efficiently performed with the added value for patients to be in a position to review and rate the level of the service received.


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